Laws Against Window Tinting In Florida

Florida is a beautiful place to live unless you are getting ticketed for disobeying the law. It is written in the Florida Statues that if any person is found with illegal tint as they drive their car it is punishable. This is labeled a non-criminal traffic infraction. If a car has legally installed tinting and it is being repaired it is not guilty of any wrong doing. It is important that everyone is aware of laws against window tinting in Florida.

It is determined how much tint is to be on a motor vehicle. The main concern has always been how much light can get through the tint material. We are always concerned with safety. In 1991 Florida passed laws concerning the standard of tinting. It is possible to have a non-reflective tint strip on the top of the windshield as long as there is no obstruction of view for the driver.

The ruling for the Rear Window and the side windows are a little more lenient. The driver usually does not use these as much as the windshield so this is acceptable with 28% of the light coming through. Of course safe driving is always the standard even with tinted windows.

Exceptions are allowed in the state of Florida for military vehicles. Of course the exemption must be granted. People diagnosed with lupus will be exempt from the tinting laws. Medical conditions will over-ride the standards that are set. The main concern is the safety of the passengers.

Some southern states law requires that each vehicle that is tinted has a sticker on the driver's side. This certifies that the product that was installed and is within the statuary limits required by the state. Ignorance of the law is no excuse and can get you a pretty hefty fine. Read up on the state laws and be educated in this area.

To avoid the complications of getting a fine you need to test the car windows with tint meter. They are specifically designed to slide on the window when it is rolled down. It will activate and give you a reading immediately. It is just not for decorating and can even be used as a security measure when people are trying to look for valuables in a car. There is nothing wrong with a nice tint on the car windows. Just check with the professionals [Daytona Auto Tint] and make sure your care is up to standard.